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I am an experimental particle physicist working as a First Researcher for the Italian institute for nuclear physics (INFN), and a member of the CMS experiment at CERN since 2001 and the SWGO expperiment since 2022; previously (1995-2012) I have been a member of the CDF experiment at Fermilab.
I am married since 2017 with Kalliopi Petrou, a lyrical soprano singer, and have a son (Filippo, 22) and a daughter (Ilaria, 18) from a previous marriage. I live in Padova, where I work for the INFN as well as for the University of Padova (as a hired professor).

My research interests are extended in three partly synergic directions:
- in Particle Physics, where they span from Higgs boson physics to top quark physics, to searches for new phenomena extending our current knowledge of subnuclear world;
- in Statistics, focusing on parameter estimation, frequentist methods, handling nuisance parameters in statistical inference, and multivariate analysis;
- in Computer Science, targeting machine end-to-end optimization of physics measurements with machine learning, on differentiable programming, and on anomaly detection and unsupervised techniques.

A list of over 1600 scientific publications I authored can be found here .


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Particle Physics


For the CMS experiment (2001-present) I have focused my research activities on Higgs physics and on searches for new phenomena, as well as on the development of advanced analysis tools for the calibration of the muon momentum scale (MuScleFit), used in Higgs discovery analyses, the modeling of QCD backgrounds in multi-jet final states (Hemisphere mixing), the investigation of multi-dimensional parameter space of new physics theories with unsupervised tools, and the anomaly detection approach to searches of new phenomena (Inverse Bagging, RanBox).
Selected publications:

Previously, for the CDF experiment (1995-2012) I have contributed to the top quark search and discovery and to the construction of the muon system upgrade of the CDF-II detector. I have produced the first observation of Z->bb decays in hadron collisions, and developed a trigger for the calibration of b-quark jets using Z->bb decays.
Selected publications:

Statistics and Machine Learning


As a member (Sep 2009-present) and chair (Jan 2012-Jul 2015) of the CMS Statistics Committee I have been ensuring the highest standards of statistical inference in data analysis for the publications of my experiment, advising the collaboration on best practice and performing the screening of ALL journal publications from the point of view of statistics technique and description.
Through the design and implementation of the AMVA4NewPhysics ITN project (see below) I have brought Statisticians and Physicists together with the purpose of enabling a common language and addressing specific problems of HEP data analysis. I am fostering the interest of Statistics students in Padova toward HEP applications and studies, by offering theses and teaching particle physics at the Masters in Statistical Sciences.
Recent publications of relevance:
Machine Learning
I am involved in a number of studies of applications of machine learning techniques to particle physics applications, as well as in the design of new techniques customized to the very special use cases provided by HEP and related research. These activities are in part the result of collaboration with the darkmachines and the GradHep collaborations, to which I belong, as well as the ETN networks AMVA4NewPhysics and INSIGHTS (see below).
Recent publications of relevance:
Teaching activities


Current teaching activities Previous teaching activities at undergraduate level Invited cycles of lectures at advanced graduate schools
Thesis offers


The ones below are tentative titles of possible theses at laurea, masters, and PhD level. Contact me for more information if you are interested, or to volunteer for a different one if it fits my research interests!

Ph. D. Thesis opportunities Master Thesis opportunities Laurea Thesis opportunities Present and past advisorship activities
In addition to the above, the following topics are currently being explored by students I am advising:
- Top quark cross section measurement optimization through systematics-aware classification (Dr. L. Layer, Ph.D. thesis)
- Search for the rare decay B-> tau tau with CMS B-parked Run-2 data (Dr. H. Yarar, Ph.D thesis)
- Optimization of calorimetry for future colliders (Dr. F.Nardi, in coll. with Prof. J. Donini, UCA)

And here is a list of 37 laurea and 10 Ph.D. students I am or have been an advisor of:
- Undegraduate and masters: M. Scardellato, G. Cortiana, E. Stocco, D. Frigo, M. Tosi, P. Vischia, A. Zavanella, M. Tosi, E. Moretti, D. Perizzolo, R. Casagrande, C. Favaro, P. Bortignon, P. Vischia, A. Zucchetta, D. Ceoldo, C. Gottardo, N. Riolfi, A. Balata, M. Migliorini, A. Casa, V. Fioroni, G. Delaini, M. Fumanelli, C. Maccani, H. Hanif, F. Chiandotto, M. Mojsovska, S. Tosato, B. dal Sasso, A. Demin, L. Quagliarella, A. Breccia, S. Yadav, S. Guglielmini, E. Arcolin
- Ph. D.: Dr. Giorgio Cortiana, Dr. Marco de Mattia, Dr. Mia Tosi, Dr. Luca Perrozzi, Dr. Alberto Zucchetta, Dr. Martino dall'Osso, Dr. Pablo de Castro Manzano, Dr. Hevjin Yarar, Dr. Lukas Layer, Dr. Federico Nardi.
Dissemination, Reviews, Refereeing


Selected conference talks Selected colloquia and seminars at Universities and Research institutes


As an editor for two high-level peer-reviewed journals (Reviews in Phyics and Physics Open) for Elsevier Publishing co., I actively search for interesting review articles as well as innovative research papers - please contact me if you are interested in publishing with us.

Conference organization
I have contributed as a member of local organizing committees, as session chair, or session convener to the organization of several conferences, workshops, and dissemination events in particle physics and related topics:


I have peer-reviewed scientific publications for the following journals and publishers: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, Computer Physics Communications, Journal of Instrumentation, Physics Math Central A, The Review of Particle Properties, Il Nuovo Cimento, International Journal of Modern Physics A, Computing and Software for Big Science, Progress of Particle and Nuclear Physics, MDPI Instruments, MDPI Symmetry, SciPost, Physica Scripta, NeurIPS, Nature Communications, Springer Nature, Physics Review D, JHEP, Reviews in Modern Physics, Princeton Press, Physical Review Letters, LHEP, Machine Learning in Science and Technology.

I have reviewed grant proposals for INFN (Italy), the NWO and the FOM (the Netherlands), the STFC and the Royal Society (Great Britain), the QNRF (Qatar), the HSE (Russia), the European Community Horizon 2020 program (ITN and ERC), and the ANR and CNRS (France). In addition, I am currently a referee of the BES III and MUonE experiments for INFN.

I am a member of the Advisory Board of the EC-funded SilentBorder project, and of the advisory board of the USERN organization. I am also a member of the Editorial Board of "MDPI Particles" journal.

I have selected researchers for prizes awarded by INFN, the USERN organization, the International Data Analysis Olympiad, and the CMS experiment

Outreach activities


My outreach activity is intense and multi-pronged:

I have also organized and/or given presentations at over 30 public conferences, high-school lectures, and outreach events. Below I list a short selection of such events.
Collaboration & networking


Besides participating in the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC (and previously in the CDF experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron collider), I am involved in the following collaborative endeavours:

In addition, I am or have been involved in the following EC-funded projects:



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