Recent publications (from 2001)

Publications in international journals

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  18. Hagino K, Vitturi A: Reaction dynamics for fusion of weakly-bound nuclei; Progress of  Theoretical Physics Supplement, in press (2004).

Publications  in Conference Proceedings:

  1. Guazzoni P, Zetta L, Gu JN, Vitturi A et al.: Sr-86 states homologous to the low-lying states of Rb-85;
    Czech.  J  Phys.  52: C621-C626 Part 2 Suppl. C (2002) 

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  6. Mazzocco M, Vitturi A, et al: 6Li breakup from 208Pb target at the Coulomb barrier: doorway to reaction mechanism induced by loosely-bound/halo nuclei; Nuclear Physics A, in press (2004)