Andrea Longhin


I am working for the University of Padova as Associate Professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department "Galileo Galilei" since March 2018. My interest is mainly devoted to the physics of neutrinos. Since 2016 I am the Principal Investigator of the ENUBET ERC-Consolidator Grant 2015.

Formerly I have been staff researcher at INFN at INFN-LNF (2010-2016) and at INFN Padova (2016-18). I have also worked at IRFU CEA-Saclay (FR) in 2009-2010 as a post-doc. I have been involved in the ZEUS (1999-2006), OPERA (2003-2016), T2K (2010-present), NESSiE (2012-2014), experiments and in the EURONU (2009-2010) and LAGUNA (2010) FP7 programs.

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