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Amos Maritan is professor of Statistical Physics at the University of Padua (Università degli Studi di Padova), Italy. His main research interests are in the statistical mechanics of out-of-equilibrium systems, with interdisciplinary applications ranging from the physics of biopolymers to Ecology and Biogeography.

Professional experience:

Full Professor of Physics, Padua University - Italy (2003 - )
Full Professor of Physics, SISSA Trieste – Italy (1994 -2003)
Associate Professor of Physics, Padua University - Italy (1991 - 1994)
Associate Professor of Physics, Bari University – Italy (1987 - 2001)
Research Associate of Physics, Padua University – Italy (1983 - 1987)


Physics degree at the University of Padova (1979);
Ph.D. in Physics at SISSA, Trieste (1983).

Academic Appointments:

Dean of the School of Excellence “Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori”, Padua-Italy (2004 - )
Scientific consultant, ICTP Trieste – Italy (1997-2003)
Correspondent resident member of "Istituto Veneto di Lettere Scienze ed Arti (2006-).


About 34 PhD students, 40 undergraduate students and 17 Post-docs.


307 original publications in refereed journals including 13 in Nature, 3 in Science, 23 in Proceedings of the National Academy of the United States, 53 in Physical Review Letters, 2 in Review of Modern Physics, 30 in Physical Review E, 12 in Journal of Statistical Physics, 12 in Journal of Chemical physics, 27 in Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and General, and many additional publications in peer-reviewed journals