Student Projects

Ph.D. Students

Master students

  • Gaetano Sifo

    (a.y. 2023/24 ""
  • Riccardo Costantini (a.y. 2023/24 ""

  • Christian Aoufia

    (a.y. 2022/23 "A Fermionic Swampland Conjecture" (Ph.D. student at UAM in Madrid)
  • Valentina Bevilacqua

    (a.y. 2021/22) "Learning flat vacua of maximal supergravity" (Ph.D. student in Rome Tor Vergata)
  • Gabriele Casagrande

    (a.y. 2020/21) "Duality and The Weak Gravity Conjecture". (Ph.D. student in Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Mario Giacobbo

    (a.y. 2020/21) "Multi-centre AdS black holes"
  • Tommaso Molinari

    (a.y. 2020/21) "The de Sitter conjecture and the Standard Model Landscape"
  • Matteo Zatti

    (a.y. 2019/20) "Higher-derivative corrections to extremal black holes and the Weak Gravity Conjecture". (Ph.D. student at UAM in Madrid)
  • Matteo Morittu

    (a.y. 2018/19) "The string landscape and the swampland". (Ph.D. student in Padova)
  • Fabio Ferremi

    (a.y. 2018/19) "Gravitational effects on the muon g-2".
  • Andrea Grigoletto

    (a.y. 2017/18) "Chromo-natural inflation in supergravity" (Ph.D. student at SISSA).
  • Stefano De Angelis

    (a.y. 2017/18) "Radiative corrections to the vacua of broken extended supergravity" (Ph.D. student at Queen Mary U., London).
  • Paolo Spezzati

    (a.y. 2016/17) "Geometric Transitions and moduli spaces of N=8 supergravity" (Ph.D. student at SISSA).
    Published in: Uplifts of maximal supergravities and transitions to non-geometric vacua
  • Elia Zanoni

    (a.y. 2016/17) "Superhiggs mechanism in non-linear supersymmetry".
  • Marco Gorghetto

    (a.y. 2014/15) "Stability and uplift of supergravity vacua"; (Ph.D. student at SISSA).
  • Carlo De Toni

    (a.y. 2014/15) "The Kaluza-Klein spectrum of M-theory on the Stiefel manifold".
  • Gianluca Zoccarato (now Researcher in Rome "Tor Vergata")

    (a.y. 2011/12) "On the stability of positive energy vacua in N=2 supergravity"; (then Ph. D. student at IFT-UAM, Madrid. Now researcher at Rome II Tor Vergata).
  • Chiara Toldo

    (a.y. 2009/10) "Supergravity Black Holes and Duality"; (then Ph.D. student at ITF, Utrecht University).
    Cited in: U-duality and non-BPS solutions
  • Gianluca Inverso (now INFN researcher)

    (a.y. 2009/10) "de Sitter vacua in Maximal Supergravity"; (then Ph.D. student in Rome II).
    Published in: On the vacua of N = 8 gauged supergravity in 4 dimensions
  • Marco Baggio

    (a.y. 2008/09) "A test of the AdS/CFT correspondence"; (then Ph.D. student at UVA, Amsterdam).
  • Riccardo Nicoletti

    (a.y. 2006/07) "Supergravity Effective Theories for Compactifications with Fluxes and Branes"; (then Ph.D. student in Turin Uni.).

Galilean thesis

  • (a.y. 2017/18) Lorenzo Casarin, "Localization and supersymmetric theory on curved spaces"; (Ph.D. student at AEI Potsdam).

3rd year projects

  • a.y. 2015/16: Andrea Grigoletto, "Quasi-normal modes of black holes".
  • a.y. 2012/13: Francesco Vedovato, "Supersymmetry and Quantum Mechanics".
  • a.y. 2011/12: Stefano Andriolo, "Extra Dimensions and preferred observers".
  • a.y. 2009/10: Dario Cannone, "Gravity and extra dimensions".