Unit Leader of the National PRIN Project "Supersymmetry Breaking with Fields, Strings and Branes ".

I am a member of the GSS INFN Initiative

My research activities are mainly focussed on Supersymmetry, Supergravity and String Theory.

Some results:

  • Supergravity

    • Discovery of new maximal supergravities in 4 dimensions
    • General formulation of non-linear representations of supersymmetry in terms of constrained superfields
    • Introduction of new techniques to find and analyze vacua of extended supergravities
  • String Phenomenology

    • Introduction of group structure techniques to investigate and classify string effective theories with fluxes
    • Construction and analysis of gauged supergravities from (non-geometric) flux compactifications
  • Black Holes

    • First-order formulation of extremal non-supersymmetric black holes

You can find my updated full list of publications at this link.

Citation summary: InSpire, or Google Scholar.

For Italian students: an article on Black Holes for the INFN magazine "Asimmetrie"; a book on unification.