Supergravity Book

On this page I collect misprints for the Lecture Notes in Physics book I wrote with Marco Zagermann Supergravity: From First Principles to Modern Applications.

The idea of the book is to provide an introduction to supergravity treating the subject in a sufficiently deep but comprehensible manner.

We completely avoid the introduction of a technical machinery that involves unphysical fields, auxiliary symmetries or other artificial objects. Instead, we work directly with the physical on-shell field content and use straightforward and explicit computations as well as simple geometrical reasoning to arrive at the results. Two major themes of this book are also the differences between supergravity and global supersymmetry and the physical and mathematical consequences of these differences.

Throughout this book, we use four-component spinors instead of two-component spinors. This formalism should make the text more accessible to phenomenologically oriented readers and has the advantage that it can be easily extended to other spacetime dimensions.

This book is suited for beginning graduate or advanced undergraduate students in high-energy physics or mathematical physics, as well as for researchers working in these or related areas. It assumes familiarity with basic notions of general relativity, differential geometry and global supersymmetry.


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