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Professore Associato - Dip. Fisica e Astronomia - Univ. Padova (Italy)
Editor of European Journal of Physics Plus (EPJ Plus)

NEWS (12/10/2021): File presentazione "FisicaNucleare.ppt" nell'ambito di Galileo Settimana della Scienza e Innovazione.


A very short vita (see side for more):
- Degree in Physics in Torino (2000): pairing hamiltonian
- Ph.D. in Physics in Padova (2003): reaction theory, break up reaction, exotic nuclei, giant resonances, clusterization in light nuclei, new solutions of the Bohr's collective hamiltonian
- student in Sevilla, Spain (2003) on IBM, coherent states and nuclear structure
- Post-doc in Ghent, Belgium (2004-2005): collective model, algebraic models, nuclear structure
- Research position with INFN-Padova (2005-2008): critical point symmetries in odd-even systems, IBM, IBFM, algebraic approach to Bose-Einstein condensation, S-factors for nuclear reaction of astrophysical interest
- Research grant in Padova (2008-2009): new invariants for non-canonical reductions of orthogonal algebras, supersymmetries in light nuclei
- Research position at the ECT*, Trento (2009-2011): Classification and physical interpretation of the subalgebras of A3, shape phase transitions in odd-A nuclei, solution of many-body Schroedinger equation,...
- Finally back to Padova University with a Permanent position: Ricercatore Universitario from 2011 and Associate Professor from 2015. I also have received the habilitation for full professor in 2017. My interests are: cluster structure of 12C and 16O, two-neutron transfer reactions, pariring correlations in 6He and other light systems, application of BCS theory to the neutron dripline, endohedral diatomic molecules in fullerenes, few-body models, alpha-clusters, solution of many-body Schroedinger equations,...

A few of my scientific interests are (doesn't mean I'm an expert of all of that of course):
  • Nuclear physics (obviously) --> Multiphonon Giant Resonances, Giant Pairing Vibrations, Theoretical Models, Nuclear Reactions, Break-up rections, Nuclear clusters and halos, Pairing interaction end effect in the continuum, Nuclear Molecules and clusters, Algebraic models, Collective models, Bohr hamiltonian, Critical Point Symmetries, shape phase transitions, IBM, IBFM, many-body Schrodinger equation, ab initio methods, quantum phase transitions, ...
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics --> Sonoluminescence!, Confined Quantum Systems, Vibron model, algebraic approaches to molecular spectra, Endohedral confinement, H2 in fullerene, spectra of diatomic molecules
  • Biological Physics and Ecology --> Growth of bacterial colonies, Cellular Automata, DNA computation, Evolution
  • Mathematics --> Number Theory, Special functions and other amenities, Differential equations, Group Theory, Representation theory, Quadratic and higher order deformed Lie algebrae
  • Applied physics --> Renewable energies: parabolic mirrors, semiconductor thermoelectric generators, Low Temperature Difference Stirling engines, Nuclear Waste Elimination and Uses, Diamagnetic Levitation
  • Everythingelse science --> Electrochemistry, Solid state physics of photovoltaic semiconductors, Chess and computer, Cavitation.